Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Writing Groups

How many writers out there belong to writing or critique groups?

I'm in one that spawned from our NaNoWriMo write-ins. Basically, we just decided to keep showing up and writing. Now, though, instead of just blitzing thru a first draft to meet a word count goal, we talk about projects, the business of writing, offer critiques, and even share works with each other. We're also discussing an anthology for next month that we would self-publish, both for the practice and for any additional exposure that it gets us. In fact, we're meeting tonight, and I plan to get at least 2000 words done in a new first draft.

Even though I talk to people at our write-ins, I get a lot done. Being around other creative people helps. I don't buy into any rubbish about the spark of creativity flying around the room or whatever, but I think seeing everyone else grinding away on their projects encourages me to do the same. And I get to have an awesome chai drink at the same time.

So, share your thoughts on writing groups and your experiences with them. I think (as long as you find the right group, of course, and don't end up with a bunch of schmucks) they can be very beneficial to aspiring and established writers alike.

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