Friday, November 30, 2012

Where Did November Go?

Another November is in the books.

Did you remember, remember the fifth of November?

Did you remember to write a lot? I did! I hope you did, too. For those of you who push a rock off yourselves in the morning, November is National Novel Writing Month. Each November, trillions of writers write decadozillions of words, post about it on Facebook, and anguish over things their characters do and say.

Doesn't that sound like fun? Well, it is. I've done it for the last eight years. The goal is write 50,000 words in 30 days, which works out to about 1667 per day. This is the fourth year I've win but I count last November (2011) as an unofficial win. You see, I was getting married that month. My now-wife and I were planning our wedding (read: my wife was doing a lot of wedding planning), and between all the prep we did, the wedding itself, and the honeymoon... well, I ran a bit short of free time. In the days leading up to the wedding, I couldn't sit down and work on non-wedding-related things for more than a couple minutes without getting the hairy eyeball from my wife. To keep her from divorcing me the morning after we married, I set a modified goal of 30,000 words and managed to hit it.

This year, I went over 50K on the last day. A win is a win, right? The Ravens win ugly; I can too.

If you participated in NaNoWriMo, regardless whether you won, congratulations. You engaged in a creative exercise for 30 days. That's something good right there. If you didn't participate, what's stopping you? Write-ins are a great way to meet your fellow writers and get some quality time with your characters.

November is in the books. Don't let it pass without adding one of your books to the ledger.

Happy writing.